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How to Enclose Your Noisy Machinery

  • Date: July 13, 2022
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An acoustic enclosure helps address overexposure to noise in an industrial setup. It allows workers in your vicinity to function without delays or disturbances. Some acoustic enclosures may even incorporate advanced technology to isolate vibrations.

Besides having a long shelf life, acoustic enclosures are easy to custom-manufacture. For this reason, noise enclosures have a wide range of applications. Learn more about its mechanism and benefits.

Acoustic Enclosure for Soundproofing

Acoustic enclosures can isolate and absorb sound waves within a confined space. Besides dampening sounds from your equipment, they block out the soundwaves that affect your workforce.

To ensure optimal acoustic performance, a noise enclosure will have a dense, solid exterior. The interior surface of the enclosure usually contains absorbent material like acoustic insulation.

Materials like timber, steel, and mass loaded vinyl are excellent for soundproofing. Some acoustic enclosures may feature composite panels that can reduce sound levels by up to 45dBA.

As every opening in an enclosure is a place for sound to escape, doors and windows should be kept to a minimum and then acoustic rated doors and windows should be used. You can also prevent sound from escaping through the enclosure’s ventilation system with silencers.

Applications for Industrial Acoustic Enclosures

Industrial sound barriers are generally curtain systems, screens, or isolation enclosures. They can be floor or wall-mounted, suspended from the roof, or positioned on the ceiling.

Additionally, you can custom engineer noise reduction enclosures to meet your facility’s specific needs. For instance, it’s a good idea to install acoustic enclosures for equipment or machinery that produces frequencies that interfere with other equipment, or high sound power levels.

Other applications of acoustic enclosures are:

  • Warehousespace converted to offices
  • Industrial control roomsTransformer enclosures
  • Compressors or boilers
  • Ventilation equipment

Acoustic enclosures create excellent quiet zones in a business facility or industrial setup. If you want to soundproof your facility, talk to an expert. With a reliable acoustic consultant, you can test out different soundproofing methods.

Install Effective Noise Reduction Enclosures

Acoustic enclosures help meet noise level requirements in a commercial or industrial facility. They are an ideal solution for reducing noise pollution in the environment. But if you're looking for a specific kind of noise enclosure, we're here to help.

At DuraSystems, we specialize in blast protection systems and noise-dampening assemblies. We supply all kinds of acoustic panels, applicable to different projects. A tailor-made enclosure, designed according to your project specifications, can enhance your workspace.

If you’re looking for other building solutions, call us today!