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How to Install Grease Duct Access Doors

  • Date: January 11, 2019
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grease duct access doorsAs a restaurant owner, you know you must have the proper exhaust system installed to remain compliant with North American codes and standards. However, you also know how difficult it is to clean the ducts. The problem is unless you remove all the trapped grease, the system becomes a significant fire hazard. With regular grease duct cleaning, you ensure your employees have a safe place to work in, and your patrons have a relaxing place to enjoy a meal. Grease, which is highly flammable, creates an issue for all restaurants. If it accumulates inside the ducts, there is a risk of it dripping down onto a hot cooking surface or open fire. In an instant, disaster will strike.

You cannot afford to have a system without easy-to-access grease duct access doors. The person responsible for maintaining the exhaust system can remove any grease build-up quickly. With that, you have the assurance the system is clean. Your employees will also spend less time on grease duct cleaning duty and focus more on their primary responsibilities.

As for the installation of grease duct access doors, if you purchase them from the right manufacturer, there is no welding involved. In fact, you do not even need tools that will save a lot of valuable time. Instead, you cut around the template sticker, followed by placing the door in the appropriate position. With a single rigid handle, you never have to worry about misalignment issues.

Once you have the grease duct access doors in place and fitted firmly, these will prevent any grease from dripping or leaking out. A huge benefit of these doors is that removing them is just as easy. If you have a different exhaust system installed at some point, you can reinstall the same doors and enjoy the same benefits.

You will find that a reputable manufacturer has numerous models, each with a unique size and weight, and UL/ULC listed. The doors would also be compliant with NFPA 96 and mechanical code requirements. Another feature is the ability to select different materials, including galvanized steel and either 304 or 316 stainless steel. You can even choose a zero-clearance model if needed.

As the proud owner of a restaurant, you want to eliminate unnecessary work for your staff while at the same time enhance protection from fire. An excellent way to accomplish both goals is by replacing the current doors on your exhaust system with an easy-to-access type. With this, you have one less thing on your overflowing plate.

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