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Increased Installation Efficiency Using Factory-Built Grease Ducts

  • Date: May 12, 2020
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Many facilities have installed code-compliant field-welded grease ducts, but now more and more are shifting to using factory-built systems. They re may entail a slightly higher purchase price, but many companies find substantial savings on the installation cost. With a factory-built grease duct, you can reduce your downtime and increase installation efficiency.

High-Quality Materials

Some grease ducts fabricated in a factory can also reduce the clearance-to-combustible without you having to put on more protection. You can use these in zero-clearance systems. If you were to use a field-welded duct, you would need to spend additional time installing protective coverings in the field to separate the duct from combustibles.

UL Listing

When you use a field-welded grease duct, you do not need to have an UL or ETL listing. However, this is a requirement for grease ducts from a factory. Often, system tests and inspections are not as much of a hassle when you know that the duct has been factory leak tested. Just because you use a field-welded product does not mean you can achieve the high standards of products from a factory. You still must have a the duct tested to ensure that the welding does not leak. That may mean you have to get many inspections. It can also result in more downtime for your company. However, getting a UL or ETL listed duct ensures that you get a system that has already passed several strict tests. That can give you peace of mind that your rectangular grease duct will be durable.

Getting the Right Grease Duct Access Doors

Listed factory-built grease ducts also have access doors tested for leakage of grease and fire. Some manufacturers also have access doors that can be field installed for those times when an existing door is not longer accessable. You can install them easily because you do not need a frame and you’ll also receive a cut around template sticker so the hole cut matches the door provided.

Many companies appreciate the benefit of not needing to weld to install the doors. Because of the single rigid handle, you can eliminate any issues with misalignment. This further increases your installation efficiency because you will not need to spend time trying to line it up again.

Turn to a Trusted Source

If you are looking for listed grease ducts or grease duct access doors, turn to DuraSystems. We offer a full range of high-quality products. Give us a call today to learn more.