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Is Your Grease Duct Effective Against an Accidental Fire?

  • Date: March 13, 2018
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grease_duct.jpgFor commercial grade kitchens, there are several critical safety considerations that need to be addressed. Not only do you need to make sure that food gets handled safely, but you must also take the necessary precautions to prevent a fire. Grease fires are especially challenging since they burn hot and spread quickly, making them hard to extinguish. For that reason, having the right zero clearance grease duct is critical to your business.

Grease can easily accumulate inside of your ducts. Then, when you’re cooking food over an open fire or a high-temperature heat source, it ignites. Although it’s accidental, this type of fire could have a devastating effect on your restaurant’s operation, your finances, and any other tenants occupying space in your building.

Grease Duct Specifications

When researching different solutions, make sure the grease duct specifications are compliant with current local codes. For that, you should always purchase a system from a reputable manufacturer. Remember, the configuration of your restaurant kitchen and prep area, the severity of the smoke, and even the time of day can all further complicate the size of a fire caused by grease. Therefore, the goal is to choose a duct system that provides optimal protection.

The following are some examples of necessary specifications:

  • Included in a hood and ventilation system are a canopy or exhaust hood, fan system, ductwork, and a way of providing the right amount of make-up air. With this combination, the system will remove grease, heat, and even grease-laden vapors from the area where food gets cooked. Any contractor or company that installs a system with a zero clearance grease duct design should do so according to current building codes and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.
  • The installer should consult with the local fire officials to determine if any additional codes apply.
  • The best duct materials are either 16-gauge carbon steel or 18-gauge stainless steel.
  • Grease removal filters are an essential part of the hood design. For instance, to comply with the NFPA 96 code, you want to use only baffle-style filters. For a commercial kitchen, mesh filters do not suffice or comply. Also, to prevent the accumulation of grease or oil, you should thoroughly and properly clean the filters regularly.

The good news is that you can prevent a fire in your commercial restaurant by having the right duct system installed. With that, you can build a successful business where employees feel safe while preparing food that your patrons love.

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