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Lifesaving Benefits of Blast Resistant Buildings

When hearing about a tragic story on the news, the victims or their families always say the same thing, “We never thought it would happen to us.” No one wants to face a devastating situation, yet many do. That includes explosions that not only destroy buildings but also cause fatalities to those in or around the building. The key is prevention, which is why many businesses now install a blast wall.

Especially in today’s climate, explosions aren’t that uncommon. Whether caused by a disgruntled employee, a crazed individual, failed equipment, or as part of a terrorist attack, these wreak havoc. Although frightening, there’s good news. With the installation of blast-resistant walls, buildings, and more importantly, human lives, have protection.

Key Benefits of Blast Resistant Walls

Along with blast walls, some businesses also require blast doors to allow passage through their blast walls while maintaining the protection from blast. For a better understanding and appreciation of these protective devices, consider their additional benefits.

Less Liability

The minute a company takes correct action to protect employees, its level of liability decreases substantially.

First, it helps lower insurance premiums, saving the company a tremendous amount of money each year. Second, it provides everyone who works at the business with much-needed peace of mind. In turn, that can have a huge impact on productivity and morale. Third, installing blast-resistant walls can bolster a company’s reputation. Overall, customers gain greater respect for it.

Less Downtime

If a building experiences a blast, there’s a good chance of losing expensive equipment. As a result, employees can’t do their jobs. Even if insurance covers anything damaged or destroyed, it takes time to replace equipment, machinery, and tools. That too leads to downtime, which may not be fully covered by insurance, which can have a major effect on a company’s bottom line. Installing a blast wall and perhaps a blast ceiling eliminates the risk.

Less Exposure to Harmful Substances

Sometimes, buildings that explode house dangerous materials and substances. That means anyone inside near the point of impact faces two threats. The first is the blast itself. The second is exposure to toxins that can have long-lasting effects. Again, with the installation of blast-resistant walls, people have protection from flying debris and time to escape to a safe area.


When buying blast-resistant walls and doors from a trusted source, you’ll have the flexibility of configuring them in a way that provides your facility the best access and protection.

Choosing Your Product Carefully

If you want to install blast-resistant walls at your company, it’s important to select a product that’s thoroughly tested and proven to provide optimal protection. That’s what we offer at DuraSystems. To learn more, give us a call.