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Maintaining Fire Rated Walls: Why It’s Important and How to Do It

In any industrial or commercial setup, it's essential to check above the ceilings. Without doing so, you won't know what kind of issues are present in your fire-resistant walls. To maintain fire-rated walls and ceilings, you must seal gaps and spaces with specific products. This prevents flames and smoke from traveling throughout a building and helps maintain the structure’s integrity.Here’s why it’s so important to maintain fire-rated walls. 

Inspecting and Repairing Fire Rated Walls

After an installation, contractors may damage the structural integrity of fire rated walls. From holes to minor openings, such events can happen in day-to-day operations as well. 

Sometimes fire rated structures may not meet the requirements of standard fire rating. Whether you're repairing an interior or exterior structure, it's essential to inspect them first. A proper repair procedure preserves the integrity of a fire safety assembly. The guiding principle behind any kind of repair is replacing the damaged material. 

To prevent fire and smoke from seeping through holes and openings, consider firestopping. The best firestopping products can protect your fire-rated walls and ceilings efficiently. 

What is Firestopping?

Firestopping is a critical component of a passive fire protection system. You use fire-resistant materials to cover openings on fire-rated walls and ceilings. In short, such products prevent smoke and flames from spreading across rooms and floors. Designed to accommodate penetrations in fire-rated assemblies, such materials can resist critical damage. Note that the type and thickness of material used in the repair must have the same fire resistance as the original material. When a fire breaks out, firestopping products will expand in the presence of a heat source. The swelling action decreases the chances of fire and smoke from getting out. As a result, this passive fire safety system helps preserve structural integrity. 

Why is Firestopping Important? 

  • Ensuring fire safety is essential to people occupying the building. Any passive fire safety system should contain the spread of fire, giving occupants plenty of time to evacuate the premises. 
  • Such safety measures ensure a building will remain stable during and after the breakout of fire. You should maintain your fire-rated walls and keep them updated and compliant with standard codes. 
  • Even openings on electrical conduits, wires, pipes, and ducts, should feature some protective layering. You must cover such holes with products that can resist the passage of fire and smoke. 
  • Besides complying with fire safety codes, you must inspect all fire-resistant structures for more damage. Additionally, replace and repair damaged, breached, altered, or worn-out structures. 

Secure Your Space with a Fire Safety System

Need help repairing or replacing a fire-rated wall? At DuraSystems, we specialize in blast protection systems for industrial settings.  We can protect your workforce and infrastructure against ballistic and thermal events. Our trusted engineers can customize a fire safety solution specific to your needs. For more solutions, check out our range of fire-resistant walls and ceilings on our website.  If your fire rated ceilings and walls have deteriorated over time, schedule an inspection with us or call us today for more information.