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Manufacturing Process Behind Producing Fire Rated Electrical Enclosures

  • Date: March 16, 2018
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Fire rated electrical enclosures are one of many vital safety systems used by businesses of varying sizes and industries. As a type of fire protection, these enclosures help shield conduits, cabling, control equipment, and other critical components if a fire breaks out. Ultimately, they protect your business from experiencing significant damage and, therefore, financial loss.

Fire_rated_electrical_enclosures.jpgUltimately, electrical enclosures keep a fire contained, thereby preventing it from spreading and putting your employees and the entire business at risk. Available with ratings up to three hours, fire resistant electrical enclosures are essential for many industries, especially those with an increased risk due to the nature of the work involved.

Specialized Design

In situations when airtight sealing is either impossible or impractical, electrical enclosures shield electrical components in potentially explosive work environments. Unlike more traditional enclosures, the best products on the market get manufactured with an airtight seal. That way, when equipment gets turned off or during the cooling phase, no atmospheric air seeps inside.

Keep in mind that different manufacturers follow individual processes for making these enclosures. However, for the best protection, you want a solution designed so that connectors and cables never have a direct entry into the interior. Top manufacturers also ensure that external flange surfaces have a strong bonding with metal without exceeding the maximum gap allowance.

A reputable manufacturing company will choose the appropriate seal joints, avoiding any material with the potential of deteriorating. The flanges and externally facing joints are manufactured and then installed using a precise and preset minimum distance between the sides of both the outer and inner enclosure.

Your project dictates the specifications for each characteristic of an enclosure. Regardless, the right manufacturer puts its fire rate enclosures through extensive testing to validate performance capability. With all testing combined, experts evaluate levels of protection.

Protecting Your Electrical Systems

At DuraSystem, we have excellent enclosures that will keep your electrical systems safe and secure. Please give us a call or visit us online to learn more.