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Multiple Applications for a Fire Resistant Board

fire resistant board As with all fire protection systems, a fire resistant board works for specific applications. However, this type of passive fire protection has a broad reach, meaning it not only works for multiple industries but also has many different uses. As you will see with the information provided, this type of protection is an incredible option for keeping people and assets safe. Something important to note is that while many businesses have a fire resistant board installed, which helps prevent the spread of fire, those boards do nothing to protect against the effects of explosions. Whether from combustible material or a terrorist attack, a passive fire protection board that resists both fire and blast will provide protection from an initial blast and subsequent fire. DuraSteel is one non-combustible panel, tested in various fire and blast protection assemblies, to offer up to 6 hours of fire resistance and 2.3 bar blast resistance. It is ideal for walls, and ceilings, and enclosures, both indoors and outdoors. This type of passive fire protection is an ideal choice for both commercial and industrial properties. The unique construction is what makes DuraSteel so versatile. Constructed from two metal face sheets, each bonded mechanically to a fiber cement core is what makes the board so strong and reliable. Even for harsh industrial environments, this passive fire protection system outperforms other products on the market due to the optional stainless steel face sheets. Along with being fire and blast resistant, the board is well suited for outdoor applications as it is also resistant to moisture and impact from flying debris. In addition to the aforementioned applications, the DuraSteel product also works for fire and blast-resistant ducts, as well as barriers. This board is an excellent choice for hydrocarbon fire and blast assemblies with the ability to resist the rapid rise hydrocarbon time-temperature curve after exposure to large blast forces, still achieving fire ratings up to H120. This top-of-the-line board comes in a standard size of 1.2m x 2.5m x 9.5mm (approximately 48” x 96” x 3/8”) with a galvanized finish. Having gone through extensive testing, the best fire and blast board on the market today offers outstanding protection. For a safer environment, this form of fire protection is the perfect solution. As a responsible business owner, you want to do everything humanly possible to keep your employees safe. At the same time, you need a way to protect vital assets, including computers, servers, manufacturing equipment, etcetera. Installing a board that offers protection from both fire and blast will give you greater peace of mind.