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DuraWall™ Fire Rated Panels

Fire Resistant Panels

DuraWall™ is an easy to install composite panel that resists fire, sound and thermal transmission.

The DuraWall™ system is built around a steel faced composite panel with a non-combustible structural high density mineral fiber core with the panel edges easily fitting together with a high performance male-female joint. DuraWall™ fire rated panels are UL/ULC Listed with fire ratings up to 2 hours and are intended for non load bearing fire separations.

The DuraWall™ panels can be easily removed and reinstalled allowing for flexibility in design and even relocation of the panels. The availability of large DuraWall™ panels allow contractors to install DuraWall™ quickly and precisely, helping to reduce labour costs while at the same time producing a high quality finish.

DuraWall™ panels are great for interior or exterior use and are thermally efficient with R-ratings up to R-23.

DuraWall™ panels are eligible for LEED credits and are an environmentally sustainable product as the panels contain zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP), are free of Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC`s), and are entirely recyclable.

DuraWall™ fire rated panels are quick and easy to install and provide the additional benefits of noise reduction, thermal efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

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DuraWall™ reduces thermal transmission.

Fire Rated Panel

DuraWall™ utilized in a climate controlled facility.