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Sound Absorption Panels

Sound Absorption Panels

DuraSystems absorption panels provide noise reduction, sound absorption and sound transmission loss.

DuraSystems’ Sound Absorption Panels feature a backing layer of DuraSteel, a unique non-combustible material consisting of two metal sheets mechanically bonded to a fiber cement core that is fire, blast, moisture and impact resistant. A middle layer of acoustic media insulation and a facing layer of perforated sheet metal comprise the rest of the assembly.  This innovative design translates into acoustical wall systems that provide outstanding Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) and significant Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings.

By incorporating the unique DuraSteel material as the backing layer of the panel, designers can achieve the same fire resistance benefits that one can expect from DuraSystems’ extensive line of passive fire protection systems.

DuraSystems’ Sound Absorption Panels are recommended for use where sound absorption is critical and are designed to silence pesky noise issues.

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Absorption Panel

The two sides of the panel, perforated metal and DuraSteel