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Sound Transmission Loss Panels

Sound Transmission Loss Panels

DuraSystems’ transmission loss panels provide varying degrees of noise reduction and sound transmission loss.

DuraSystems transmission loss panels incorporate DuraSteel, a unique non-combustible material consisting of two metal sheets, mechanically bonded to a fiber cement core that is fire, blast, moisture and impact resistant. DuraSteel, in conjunction with additional cladding material, provides exceptional acoustic mass and performance when stringent noise criteria need to be achieved.

A single DuraSteel sheet is 3/8” thick and provides a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 31, equivalent to a typical interior wall consisting of a single layer of ½” drywall on each side of wooden studs with no insulation.

DuraSteel, TL25, TL40 and TL55 provide varying degrees of transmission loss. Each system offers high transmission loss and outstanding acoustical properties in a thin, yet robust design. The overall system saves valuable space while meeting critical acoustical requirements.

DuraSystems’  transmission loss panels are a simple, easy to install and maintenance-free solution perfect for your acoustic needs.

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Transmission loss panel

A TL Panel.