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Passive Fire Protection: An Important Part of Any Fire Safety Strategy


passive fire protectionWhen devising a fire safety strategy for your business, it is essential to include passive fire protection. Unfortunately, some people overlook the value of passive fire resistance only to later regret their decision. To fully protect your structure, interior possessions, and of course, human life, you need to consider different passive fire protection products, ultimately choosing what works best for your specific situation; after all, not every business has the same needs.

As a prime example, a company that manufactures oil, gas, and other potentially dangerous materials has a much different threat compared to one that produces something non-hazardous. Also, some businesses have a higher risk for terroristic or criminal activity. Because of these differences, you need to work with a reputable company that provides a host of innovative and effective passive fire protection products.

Passive fire resistant products consist of three components specific to fire protection and safety in a building. Overall, not only does this type of system help contain fires, but it also slows the speed at which they spread. To accomplish this, you can install specialized panels or barriers as floors, doors, and walls. Depending on the type of system that you choose, you would have between two and six hours of protection.

During that time, you and other key members of your company can escort workers and any visitors outside to safety. However, by keeping a fire from spreading, first responders also have more time to reach your business and get to work to bring the situation under control. As a result, no one sustains an injury, and there is less destruction of the property, inside and outside.

You might think of passive protection as a first-line of defense. Although officials still need to put a fire out, these unique panels and barriers limit the amount of devastation. Because of that, you can get your business operations back in order more quickly and spend less money replacing items. Overall, you need a top-quality system to ensure the safety of life, building, equipment, and so on.

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At DuraSystems, we offer a broad range of passive fire protection system and products for all kinds of industries. We invite you to visit us online or call one of our customer representatives today to find the perfect system for your business. Taking a proactive position is vital to protecting your company as a whole.