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Prevent a Transformer Fire from Damaging or Destroying Your Business

  • Date: June 18, 2018
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ballistic_barrier.jpgIf you have ever seen a transformer fire, not one that ruptures, but an actual fire, you understand how quick it can cause complete destruction to adjacent transformers, as well as buildings nearby. For full protection of your business, consider the installation of a fire and ballistic barrier before it is too late.

Thanks to one company’s innovation, you have several viable options for transformer fire protection. Obviously, a representative would help you determine the right type of barrier for your needs; however the following will give you an idea of how you can better protect your investment and the people who work for you.

  • DuraBarrier® – As an external transformer separation barrier, this system works by stopping a transformer fire from spreading. In addition to meeting the tough requirements of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 850, this system provides up to six hours of fire resistance. As one of the first and best transformer separation barriers on the market, major utility companies throughout the United States and in Canada continue to rely on its protection. You can choose between a pier and continuous foundation installation to suit your site’s requirements.
  • DuraBarrier® SF – You even have a solution for preventing the spread of fire in limited spaces. Also designed for external use, this transformer fire separation barrier helps protect buildings and adjacent transformers once a fire starts. While it is exciting to watch technology advance, the problem is old and outdated electrical grids still in place pose serious risk. Until modified or changed out to accommodate increasing electrical demand, there is a serious risk of a fire. This modular system also provides resistance to hydrocarbon fires.
  • Ballistic DuraBarrier® – There is even barrier protection for both fire and ballistic threats. While this system may be easy to install, it works incredibly well at protecting property, as well as human life. Flames from a fire at a transformer station are not the only risk to be considered. Unfortunately, today’s society includes criminals with evil intent. Whether using shotguns, handguns, long-range rifles, or assault weapons, they purposely try to destroy the electrical system, meaning the transformer. When considering transformer fire protection, you might also think about upping the level of protection by including a system capable of protecting against ballistic threats as well.

Complete Solutions

Whether one of these fire protection or ballistic barrier systems meets your needs, or if you want to look at fire with blast or acoustic solutions, we can help. DuraSystems is 100 percent dedicated to the customers we serve. We offer a host of options that will meet, if not exceed, your expectations.