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Protecting Grease Ducts From Fire

  • Date: August 10, 2021
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Owners and operators of commercial kitchens have a lot of responsibility. Not only do they need to create the right atmosphere and menu for customers but also ensure their safety, as well as the safety of their employees. In particular, they need to take the appropriate steps to prevent fires, and when they do occur, prevent them from spreading. This is where a well-designed grease duct system helps.

For any commercial kitchen that utilizes boilers, fryers, ovens, stoves, and other grease-producing appliances, extra precaution is critical. Another challenge is that many of these kitchens have more than one hood connected to a sole exhaust fan as part of the overall grease duct system.

However, there’s yet another concern. A traditional system doesn’t always fit the space. That, combined with poorly located access doors for cleaning and maintenance, and the risk of a fire increases significantly. In these situations, some operators may take shortcuts or bypass cleaning the system altogether simply because it’s too difficult.

Fortunately, owners and operators of commercial kitchens can now choose a listed grease duct with factory installed access doors that works well and bolsters protection against fire. They can even choose from different types and configurations of ducts to accommodate the size and shape of the kitchen.

Adhering to Official Safety Standards

Especially when it comes to commercial kitchens, it’s vital to stay compliant with current laws and regulations. Not only does that prevent fires, but it also allows the establishments to remain open. For example, NFPA 96, which is the Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Kitchens, covers these two things.

  • Grease duct construction and clearances
  • Access door sizes and locations
  • Kitchen hoods, discharge requirements, and makeup air

Commercial kitchens must also stay compliant with NFPA 17A, the Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems. This is the guideline for various wet chemical protection methods, as well as coverage areas.

New and Innovative Solutions

Today, a grease duct system is quite different from what the market offered a few years back. When purchased from the right source, an individual can field install the code required access doors, after the grease duct has been installed, using standard tools. In most cases, this process takes 15 minutes or less. Installing the doors after the grease duct is installed ensures the access doors can be accessed for cleaning and are not obstructed by other building services or walls installed after the grease duct.

The bottom line is that commercial kitchens and restaurants must have a code compliant grease duct system, that is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, to remain in business.

Quality Products at an Affordable Price

There’s no way to put a price on the safety of restaurant employees and the guests they serve. For a listed grease duct with or for listed access doors of superior quality that’s also affordable, contact DuraSystems today.