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Reasons to Invest in Fire Rated Panels

  • Date: October 20, 2021
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As a business owner, you want to do everything possible to ensure your employees’ health and safety. That’s especially important if your business has a higher risk of fire or explosion. In that case, you need to make some critical decisions about enhancing protection. Installing DuraWall fire rated panels is an excellent solution.

Fire rated panels serve as barriers between rooms, occupancies and fire areas as a way to prevent the spread of fire. These panels work great whenever a fire breaks out, whether accidentally or due to a disaster. Not only do the panels give your employees time to reach a safe area, but they can also provide a place of refuge in a fire while also protecting other assets.

Key Benefits of DuraWall Panels

Keep in mind that in addition to DuraWall panels, many organizations also require opt for a blast enclosure or separation. The reason is that in certain situations, fire may cause materials to explode. DuraWall panels have been tested for blast resistance as well, so having one system or solution that can address both types of threat, fire and blast, provides the best protection.

To better understand the value that fire rated panels and a blast enclosure provide, consider the following.

Made of fire resistant materials, these panels work by preventing the spread of a fire. In other words, they keep fires contained. Depending on your company and its operations, you can choose panels with two or more hours of fire protection and varying levels of blast protection.

So, if your business handles flammable chemicals or substances, you want to install fire rated panels. The greatest benefit is that DuraWall panels keep people safe. Especially in a toxic environment, fire spreads fast. Sadly, that could prevent workers from escaping.

However, if employees become trapped in the area of a fire, the panels keep them safe until first responders arrive. Again, a blast enclosure does the same thing. Once on scene, emergency personnel can put out a fire and rescue people.

Fire rated panels don’t just protect human life. They also prevent damage to expensive and critical assets and infrastructure. They prevent the flames from reaching high-tech equipment, critical documents, and more. Overall, these panels, in combination with a blast enclosure, protect your entire business.

Remember, fires and blasts occur for many reasons. Sometimes, they’re due to improper handling of flammable or explosive materials. They’re also caused by terrorist attacks. Even natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes can cause devastating losses.

Buy from a Trusted Source

People rely on us at DuraSystems for panels and enclosures. Our fire rated panels consist of a non-combustible insulation core. That helps to avoid temperature exchanges from inside to outside spaces. Also, both our panel and blast enclosure products provide long-term service, and they’re maintenance-free.

To learn more about our incredible blast rated enclosure and fire rated panels, give us a call today.