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Why Fire Protection Is a Matter of Concern for Substation Transformers?

When it comes to substation fires, transformers filled with oil pose the greatest risk of fire. This is why utility providers need to have some type of transformer fire protection installed. For companies to provide their customers with uninterrupted power, they must have the right transformer fire wall in place. Recently in California, the local electric company shut off the power that affected nearly one million people for 24 hours as a way of preventing wildfires. During that short window,...

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Can DuraWall™ Panels Save Your Business?

  • Date: March 25, 2019
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Although all businesses have some risk of fire, other companies have to take extra precautions. If your company deals with chemicals, fertilizer, or other potentially dangerous materials, it becomes even more important to do everything you can to protect your workers, structures, and equipment. An excellent way to accomplish that goal is by installing DuraWall™. Easy-to-install Durawall™ panels offer excellent protection from fire, whether intentional or accidental. In addition to their incredible fire protection, these panels also help block out...

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