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The Benefits of Installing Fire Rated Panels

  • Date: August 18, 2020
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>Fire-rated wall panels can help keep your facility safe if there is a fire. They consist of a non-combustible material. Once you have followed the manufacturer’s installation instructions for installing the panels, they can resist fire and keep it contained. The DuraWall™ is one example of high-quality panels that you can use.

Benefits of the Panels

The DuraWall™ panel consists of a painted steel-faced composite panel that has a fire-resistant mineral fiber core in the middle. The edges of the panels can fit together easily, and they offer a high-performing male-female joint. These panels are UL/ULC listed and have a fire rating for as long as two hours. You can use them for fire separations that nonload bearing. Their flexible design means that you can easily install them and move them around again.

Once you have secured the DuraWall™ panels in place, you will have a reliable thermal system as well. Their high R-value makes the panels excellent options for the exterior cladding of buildings or internal process areas where temperature control is a concern. The DuraWall™ panels come with installation manuals, drawings, and technical support to help you properly get them installed correctly. Plus, you can reduce your maintenance costs, possibly save lives, and protect the valuable equipment and goods in your facility.

Installing composite fire rated panels ensures that you will have an energy-efficient solution. Plus, they are aesthetic and will look good for many years in the future. They are an economical and energy-efficient solution no matter what kind of building project you have.

Long Lifecycle and Maintenance Free

When you are building a new facility, the installation process for fire rated panels can significantly reduce your cost of construction. With the tongue and groove connecting edge, you can easily slide the panels together and the resulting seam can resist water very well when sealed. You can get the panels made in almost any length you need eliminating the need to cut the panels to length on site. Because there is a high thermal barrier envelope, it can also resist vapor well. Plus, it can help you save a lot of money on energy. You can also get LEED credits by using this panel.

Choose a Trusted Supplier of the DuraWall™

When you need a fire-resistant solution for your facility, DuraSystems has what you are looking for. These panels will last as long as a typical commercial building with only minor cleaning and maintenance of the panel’s paint finish. Are you interested in learning more about our Durawall panels? Feel free to contact us today for more information.