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The Importance of Installing a Duct Doors

  • Date: August 29, 2017
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If you own or operate a commercial kitchen, it is important that you have high-quality grease duct access doors installed. In fact, this decision is critical. A commercial kitchen exhaust system consists of three primary parts, including the hood, duct, and fan. Of these, the duct is the most important but also the most problematic for situations where there is no access door.

Because the ductwork in a commercial kitchen runs above the hood and into the ceiling, many people overlook it, that is until someone cannot gain access to clean it because there is no access door. For you to maintain a clean and safe commercial environment, kitchen exhaust access doors are critical. Unless you can gain access to the duct system, there is no way to perform the required grease duct cleaning so grease builds up and becomes a serious risk for fire.

grease duct access doors While materials vary, you should choose a manufacturing company that produces these doors from carbon, galvanized, or stainless steel so the door and duct materials are the same. If your kitchen’s ductwork has an odd configuration, you should also consider a manufacturing company that has doors and panels in different shapes and sizes. In fact, some manufacturers even make access panels to fit round and curved ducts.

For you to maintain the integrity of the ductwork in your commercial kitchen, a properly fitting door or panel is essential. Something else to consider is that you should choose an access door listed as UL/ULC, which means that the product meets if not exceeds all mechanical code and NFPA 96 requirements.

With the installation of appropriate kitchen exhaust access doors, you keep your business and employees safer. However, having the right panels in place will also save you a lot of headaches if your restaurant were inspected but failed due to a lack of access to the ductwork. Sometimes, the grease duct has access doors welded in place, though not necessarily where you need them. Thanks to advanced designs, you duct cleaners can choose a product that is lightweight and easy to install providing access where required.

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