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The Ultimate Fire Protection with Fire Resistant Board


Have ultimate fire protection with fire resistant boards. Having appropriate fire protection in the workplace is critical. To better understand why, consider that in 2015, close to 114,000 non-residential fires occurred in the United States alone. Not only did those fires result in both death and serious injury, but there were also millions of dollars in property damage. Although you have multiple solutions for protecting your employees and business, the best methods of protection include a fire resistant board.

Fire Resistant Board

Manufacturing plants, processing plants, factories, and other similar environments commonly rely on assemblies constructed of fire resistant boards. Today, two of the best products on the market include DuraSteel and Promat H, which offer superior protection to exposed steel beams and columns.

DuraSteel is one of the most fire resistant materials available, and because of that, it provides up to six hours of fire resistance. However, this product is even more beneficial due to its blast, impact, and moisture resistance capabilities. For optimal performance, the manufacturing company makes this product by mechanically bonding two metal face sheets to a fiber reinforced cement core. Based on the design and materials, the DuraSteel product is ideal outdoors or for harsh indoor industrial environments.

Also, DuraSteel offers outstanding acoustic properties, which means that it can dramatically reduce noise. If you are interested in a fire protection system like this, you can order it with a galvanized or 316-2B stainless steel finish. You will find that installation is easy and the level of protection excellent.

As for Promat fire protection boards, two popular options are Promat H and Promat L. Both are cement boards made from high-quality calcium silicate that offers up to three hours of protection. As mentioned, these products are useful in protecting exposed steel beams and columns though they do have other useful applications such as non-load bearing wall assemblies.

While Promat H is a medium density board, Promat L is lighter density. Along with standard board sizes, you can select from different thicknesses of Promat H product to achieve the total thickness required for your fire rated enclosure. Because fire poses a grave risk to human life and property, it is important that you implement the best protection possible.

At DuraSystems, we offer both of these products and others. Please take the time to review our different fire protection solutions by visiting our website, or you can call us to speak with a company representative.