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Top Reasons You Should Install DuraWall™

  • Date: November 24, 2017
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While there are many different options for panels that protect against fire, sound, and thermal transmission, none surpass the qualities and capabilities of DuraWall™. Not only is a DuraWall™ installation quick and easy, but these fire-resistant panels also offer excellent acoustic protection. By learning about this system, you will appreciate the various reasons for having them installed.

  • Design Elements – Built around a steel-faced composite panel, and complete with a high-density mineral fiber core that is both non-combustible and structurally sound, this system will give you greater peace of mind. A simplified installation is achieved with the DuraWall™ high-performance male/female joint system. Overall, these panels are for non-load bearing fire separations.
  • Fire Rating – This innovative system consists of UL/ULC listed panels. As part of this, they provide up to two hours of fire rating.
  • Assembly and Disassembly – You will also discover that both assembly and disassembly are easy. Because of this flexibility, you can relocate the panels if needed. Although these panels can be large, a professional contractor can have them installed in no time and without compromising on the finished job’s quality: That means that you have the protection needed and for reduced labor costs.
  • Aesthetics – The appearance of fire resistance panels may have never crossed your mind, but with this system, you end up with a superior quality finish that is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Versatility – You can install these panels inside and outside. In fact, they have an efficient thermal R-rating up to R23.
  • Wind Resistance – Although the primary function of this system is to protect against fire, you will also benefit from wind resistance from DuraWall™. Therefore, you even have protection from hot air emitting from flames.
  • Eco-Friendly – Since these fire-resistant panels contain no Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP), they are environmentally friendly and are even eligible for LEED credits. Another reason to install them is that, since they are basically constructed of steel and mineral wool, they have zero Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), you can completely recycle them.

When in the market for the best available protective panels, you can always count on us at DuraSystems. As a world leader with 25+ years’ experience in passive fire protection systems, we have the appropriate solution for your needs. For information about our company and the various products that we offer, please visit us online or call today to speak directly with a company representative. We would love the opportunity to be part of the solution for your business, keeping the structure and people safe.