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Understanding the Benefits and Features of DuraSteel Panels

  • Date: May 13, 2020
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You might have heard about DuraSteel for protecting your facility against fire. This is a composite protective board that consists of a cement core reinforced with fibers that is mechanically bonded to punched steel sheets. DuraSteel is a strong protective measure against fire at your facility.

Keeping Your Facility Safe

Imagine a panel that can resist blasts and offer durability and strength. At the same time, it is exceptionally light  and will protect your facility against fire. That is the DuraSteel panel.

There are a wide range of applications for the panel including DuraSteel wall and DuraSteel ceiling designs.

Using the DuraSteel Panel

Industries have used the DuraSteel panel for many years. For example, pharmaceutical, commercial, and petrochemical companies, as well as the military, have successfully used this in their facilities. Even metro and rail projects have found use for DuraSteel panel systems.

If you require fire or blast-resistant construction, you can count on the DuraSteel ceiling and other systems to work effectively. There’s a wide range of industrial applications, such transformer separation barriers for power generation or distribution substations.

What Are the Features?

Now that you know when you can use this type of system, you might be wondering what its features are. One of the top benefits it delivers is it can resist fire for up to four hours. It also withstands impacts incredibly well. There are many other benefits, as well, including:

  • Easy mounting and removal
  • Maintenance-free
  • Resists moisture well
  • Lightweight 
  • Resists vibrations
  • Systems built to meet individual project requirements 

If you do not have a big space at your facility, this system is the right one for you as it does not take up too much room. Although it is not massive, it still delivers structural integrity and strength. It is also versatile enough that you can use it either internally or externally. Additionally, you have the option to prefabricate it offsite, saving you valuable time when you are ready for installation. That will save your company a bit of money.

Choose the Right Supplier

There are many benefits that DuraSteel panels bring to your facility. These include its versatility and strength. DuraSteel is an excellent material option if you are looking for passive fire protection. If you want to learn more about how this panel system works and how it is right for your facility, then we would be happy to assist. For more information, contact DuraSystems today.