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Fire & Blast Doors

Commercial and Industrial Fire and Blast Doors

DuraSystems’ fire and blast resistant doors are designed and tested for use in DuraSystems’ fire and blast walls and barriers, but can also be used in other fire rated assemblies.

Fire and blast walls typically require door openings to allow personnel to access adjacent compartments and to allow for egress in emergency situations. To meet the code requirements, doors need to be tested in the wall assembly design to ensure compliance.

To meet this requirement, DuraSystems’ doors are tested in DuraSytems’ walls and barriers.

DuraSystems offers single and twin door configurations that range from standard hollow metal commercial fire doors and frames, UL rated for up to 3 hours, to custom industrial fire and blast doors rated for 2 hour hydrocarbon fire and blast pressures up to 1.52 bar into the door frame.

DuraSystems’ doors are available in a variety of finishes including galvanized, prime coat, a finish coat to your specifications, and 316 stainless steel.

DuraSystems can provide commercial door sets including all hardware to meet project specific requirements for high security sites. To help keep your facilities secure, DuraSystems can prep the door sets so that your confidential hardware can be easily installed on site.

Due to the specialty nature of DuraSystems industrial blast doors, the doors are shipped pre-hung with all hardware installed and tested for operation prior to leaving the factory.

DuraSystems’ fire & blast doors are available in configurations providing up to 3 hour fire resistance ratings and with blast ratings up to 1.52 bar.

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Fire & Blast Door

Hydrocarbon rated industrial Fire Door.