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Fire Walls & Ceilings

Heavy Duty Fire & Impact Resistant Walls & Ceilings

DuraSteel heavy duty fire and impact resistant walls and ceilings offer fire and impact protection while also providing outstanding noise reduction.

Passive fire protection plays a vital role in modern construction. Built into the fabric of today’s buildings, it provides inherent fire safety and protection by preventing the spread of flames, heat, and smoke from one part of a building to another, allowing time for active suppression systems and firefighters to prevent further damage to the building.

Modern industrial facilities feature some of the harshest environments on the planet, and the wear and tear from constant industrial activity can reduce facility life cycles. Impacts from shipping carts and machinery can damage standard fire protection.

Softer gypsum boards or brittle CMU constructions can be easily damaged from minor impacts and result in the reduction or elimination of the wall’s fire resistance rating. DuraSteel heavy duty fire walls and ceilings are the perfect answer to prevent reduction in fire resistance due to accidental impacts.

DuraSteel heavy duty walls & ceilings are UL/ULC listed for vertical and horizontal fire separations (including shaft wall type designs) with fire ratings up to 4 hours. DuraSystems has a heavy duty solution to meet all your fire protection requirements.

Heavy duty DuraSteel walls & ceilings provide fire protection ratings up to 4 hours and the impact resistance required to ensure the integrity of your facility under heavy usage conditions.

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Fire Rated Wall

 A fire wall separating two electrical enclosures.

Fire Rated Ceiling

4 hour wall cut-a-way.