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High Security Blast Doors

Protection from Terrorist Attacks

High security blast walls & doors help limit the damage from explosions and flying debris in the event of a terrorist attack.

In today`s heated security environment, protecting people and property is a major concern of many companies, organizations and governments.

Terrorism is unfortunately an ever present danger in today’s world and companies need to take every reasonable step possible to protect personnel and property. To help companies mitigate the danger of terrorism, DuraSystems has developed high security blast walls & doors.

Our high security blast walls and doors have been tested with various quantities of explosives to simulate real world scenarios. For example, to simulate a car bomb, 440lbs of TNT was exploded at a distance of 22 yards from a high security blast wall & door. This blast resulted in a large pressure wave of 2.33 bar. The high security blast wall & door achieved the required level of protection and the door remained operational.

High security blast walls & doors can be designed to your specific needs and are easy to install and relatively light weight. DuraSystems can also provide blast and fire resistant ventilation duct systems to help ensure fresh air is available in safe rooms and emergency egress routes in the event of an explosion.

DuraSystems’ high security blast walls & doors are an ideal solution to help protect your personnel and property in the event of a terrorist attack. 

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High Security Blast Walls keep people safe.