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Hydrocarbon Rated Fire Walls

Providing H0, H60 or H120 Fire Protection

Vertical and horizontal fire separations utilizing DuraSteel impact resistant sheets protect your personnel and equipment from hydrocarbon fire exposures.

The passive fire protection provided by hydrocarbon fire rated walls and ceilings is critical for the protection of personnel and vital equipment in petrochemical facilities. The rapid temperature rise of a hydrocarbon fire means personnel need time to escape from the fire and collateral damage to nearby equipment needs to be limited. Recent accidents have demonstrated the importance of separating processing equipment and compartmentalizing the hydrocarbon processing areas to allow the active fire suppression systems to work in conjunction with the passive fire protection systems.

Hydrocarbon fires are often preceded by equipment explosion or pipe rupture which can cause extensive damage to surrounding equipment and even destroy active fire suppression systems. This chain reaction of events can lead to the rapid spread of the fire. To help prevent these situations from becoming unmitigated disasters, DuraSystems can provide H0, H60 and H120 hydrocarbon fire rated walls with an optional blast rating of up to 2 bar over pressure.

Jet fire resistance is often required in specific areas of hydrocarbon facilities. Optional jet fire ratings up to J120 can be provided for DuraSystems’ hydrocarbon fire rated systems.

Available in a standard G90/Z275 galvanized or optional 316 stainless steel finish, DuraSystems’ Hydrocarbon Fire Rated systems can be provided with various top coats to meet your project’s specified materials and finishes schedule.

Verification of the performance of DuraSystems’ hydrocarbon fire rated systems is provided by internationally recognized and accepted Lloyds Register Type Approvals for fire, blast, and jet fire ratings.

DuraSystems’ Lloyds Register Type Approval hydrocarbon fire rated walls and ceilings in configurations of H0, H60 or H120 are available with enhanced blast and jet fire ratings to help keep your hydrocarbon facilities safe in the event of fire.

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Offshore Firewall

H0 wall with pipe penetration seals.

Hydrocarbon Firewall

H120 wall protecting equipment.