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Through Penetration Firestops

Listed Firestop Systems With Ratings Up to 4 hours

Through penetration fire stop systems are designed for use in DuraSystems’ fire rated walls and ceilings as well as in concrete and masonry construction.

Anytime a fire rated horizontal or vertical fire separation is installed, there is a strong likelihood that building services such as piping or cabling will need to pass through the fire separation. DuraSystems has developed through-penetration firestops to effectively seal these service penetrations.

dDuraS.T.O.P. Firestop Mortar

DuraS.T.O.P. is a proprietary cementitious firestop material that has been successfully used for over 20 years. DuraS.T.O.P. penetration seals are fire rated up to 4 hours for a variety of penetrations including cables, cable trays, busways, copper and steel pipes, DuraDucts™, fire rated cable tray enclosures, and structural steel sections. DuraS.T.O.P. has also been blast tested in a variety of configurations.

FGC Gasket

Penetrations often need to move independently of the fire separation due to seismic events, expansion, contraction and vibrations in process piping. To address this difficult issue, DuraSystems developed FGC gasket which, when used in conjunction with DuraS.T.O.P., allows for penetrant movement in a through-penetration firestop. FGC gasket provides for lateral and axial movement of pipes with listed system fire ratings of up to 3 hours. The FGC gasket is fire tested for lateral movement of up to 5/8”.

DuraSystems’ through penetration fire stop systems complete and maintain the listings of DuraSystems’ fire rated walls and ceilings and can also be used in masonry or concrete fire separations.

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