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What Are Fire Enclosures, and How Do They Work?

  • Date: February 07, 2017
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For many types of industries and businesses, the number one concern is fire. Although a fire can cause significant damage and harm to humans regardless of a company’s size, this type of catastrophe could shut a smaller business down completely. The good news is that several different fire protection systems are available, including fire enclosures.

Many people are unfamiliar with fire enclosures. For that reason, it is important to gain a better understanding of what they are and how they work before you decide whether to purchase one for your business. In simple terms, this type of enclosure is designed to protect equipment, property, and even humans during dangerous situations.


When used for equipment and property, fire enclosures prevent a fire from breaching the protective barrier. Typically, these enclosures are used in places where vital equipment is located. This includes master control systems, pumps, generators, pipes, cables, access fans, and so on.

If a fire were to break out and reach critical equipment, it would likely cause enough damage to shut systems down. As a result, companies could be out of business for an extended length of time. This is why many companies use enclosures to protect servers in internet centers and at colocation sites.

However, these enclosures also protect people. By choosing an enclosure that provides up to four hours of protection, people have a place to go should a fire occur in the building where they work. Sometimes, a building’s layout does not provide everyone with quick and easy access to the outside. In this situation, an enclosure would save lives.

What it comes down to is being able to ensure safe and continuous operation. When an emergency arises, fire enclosures are often a company’s saving grace. Regardless of the area that needs protection or if an accessible or permanent enclosure is required, it is imperative to rely on the expertise of a trusted source. DuraSystems offers state-of-the-art panels, walls, ducts, exhausts, barriers, and enclosures based on the customer’s exact specifications.

All too often, the news shares stories of businesses that suffer tremendous damage and even loss of life because of fires. To protect your company’s assets and personnel, you can take preventative action by requesting more information about fire enclosures. We welcome your call and would love the opportunity to assist you in implementing the system that works best for your needs.