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What Are the Main Design Considerations for an Acoustic Enclosure?

  • Date: May 11, 2021
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Introduction to an Acoustic Enclosure

To eliminate, or just reduce, the noise generated by equipment and machinery, many companies rely on acoustic enclosures. For one thing, it ensures you are meeting the local health and safety requirements, while also creating a more pleasurable work environment. After all, without an acoustic enclosure, people could sustain hearing loss due to continual subjection to loud sounds.

All types of industries like factories, plants, and warehouses can benefit by having an acoustic enclosure installed for machinery. However, this product is ideal for many different noisy environments. With a lot of equipment and machinery in operation, an enclosure is a great way to boost employee morale and increase production.

An acoustic enclosure manufacturer can provide their systems to commercial industries, as well. Corporations with massive buildings require oversized HVAC systems to keep employees comfortable. In this case, an enclosure drowns out the sound of air conditioning systems that run full time.

Important Design Feature

Before buying an enclosure, customers need to know what specific things to look for. To begin, the best enclosure has an exterior made of solid and dense material. Galvanized steel is a perfect example. Then, the interior should have some type of absorbent material such as acoustic insulation.

An acoustic enclosure for machinery that requires ventilation should have fitted silencers installed on all air inlets and outlets, otherwise noise could easily escape. Even the windows, doors, and entry and exit tunnels are important. Unless properly designed, and with the correct seals installed, they could easily compromise the enclosure’s effectiveness.

The type of noise control is what determines the required level of noise reduction. For instance, if the goal is to reduce just 5 to 10 dB, a single barrier or one with several walls typically works fine. However, to reduce a much higher sound level, experts usually suggest going with a complete enclosure.

Reputable acoustic enclosure manufacturers offer customized systems ation. In all cases, the goal is to design and manufacture an enclosure that prevents sound from escaping. Also, a well-made enclosure should have excellent ventilation, along with utilities and fluids such as electricity and compressed air. Other considerations include the discharge of waste and inlets and outlets.

Acoustic enclosure manufacturers should also offers designs with access panels for easy for machine maintenance. Some of those may include a fully liftable enclosure, oversized doors, removable panels, or a liftable roof. Customers can select the number of doors and windows wanted and even add other protective features. That includes selecting alternative materials that make the enclosure safer.

Quality Acoustic Enclosure for Machinery

For an enclosure with outstanding design qualities, contact us at DuraSystems. We can manufacture an enclosure based on your specific needs.