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Why a Kitchen Exhaust Duct Is Important for Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

  • Date: March 20, 2018
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Especially in commercial kitchens, poor air quality can become a big issue unless you install a high-quality kitchen exhaust duct. With the right kitchen exhaust duct design, the system handles air contaminated by things like oil, grease, smoke, dust particles, odor, and fumes. Not only does this create a healthier work environment, but it also ensures that patrons smell only the delicious food getting prepared.

kitchen exhaust ductFor kitchens, one of the most critical factors has to do with promoting good air quality. After all, cooks and chefs spend long hours preparing all sorts of dishes. Some foods are extra greasy or have a strong odor. In no time, the kitchen, as well as the dining space, could become saturated with air contaminants.

When choosing a duct system for your restaurant, make sure it is compliant with codes by the International Mechanical Code, National Fire Protection Association, and National Building Code of Canada, giving you confidence in its ability.

Also, the type of kitchen exhaust duct material is essential. For example, you always want to choose a duct system made from either 16-gauge steel or 18-gauge stainless steel. Ultimately, these materials provide optimal performance, long service life, and compliance with current codes. Opt for anything else, and you risk of having air quality issues as well as code violations.

As part of the kitchen exhaust duct design, be sure the bolted joints are sealed against high-temperature liquid. As a result, there is no need for potentially dangerous field welding. In other words, the duct system gets manufactured with a tight seal, thereby preventing work on-site that could compromise the product’s integrity.

Even if you have more than one hood in your restaurant kitchen, you will have no problem finding the appropriate exhaust duct. Most importantly, any system worth your consideration has gone through in-depth testing for fire, leakage, and structural design flaws. With that, you have the assurance needed that your new kitchen duct system will perform safely and efficiently.

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