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Why Are Smoke Doors Required in Buildings?

  • Date: April 14, 2020
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One way to contain smoke and fire is to compartmentalize your facility. This simply means that you are dividing your building into sections that you can then close off if you have an emergency. You might be wondering how this process works. One way is through a smoke door, which is a type of door that many buildings must have in place.

Smoke Doors

This type of door prevents smoke from spreading while still allowing passage through a smoke barrier. This allows you to easily evacuate the building if necessary while preventing smoke from spreading in the building. When there is not a fire, these are normal doors. However, you need to ensure that smoke doors stay shut and that access is quick. This means you cannot place objects in front of the door or use the area around it for storage.

The smoke doors are not fire rated and will not prevent the fire from spreading to other parts of the building. Fire doors are installed in fire barriers to keep fires contained, while allowing the building’s occupants passage to evacuate. Fire doors also help limit damage to your building.

Fire Barrier Vs. Fire Partition

A fire barrier is an interior wall that goes from the floor to the roof, including any concealed areas. This divides the building. Each barrier will have a rating that shows how fire-resistant it is. However, at a minimum, the rating means it will last for at least an hour, but it could be as long as four. The barrier can prevent heat from flowing around the area where the fire originated. This allows the occupants of your building to evacuate to safer areas.

On the other hand, a fire partition only has a fire rating of about half an hour. The two terms are not interchangeable. You might also choose a firewall. This exterior wall extends from the base of your building to the roof. Even if the nearby structures collapse, this type of wall will still stand. This means that firewalls are thicker than traditional walls.

Turn to a Trusted Source for Fire Protection

When you are trying to prevent property damage during a fire, you will find it is worthwhile to spend a bit more to get the protection you need. The right fire partition or barrier will help keep you and your workers safe while saving you money in the event of a fire. To learn more about our services, contact DuraSystems today.