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Why Choose Thermal Panels For Walls

  • Date: November 29, 2017
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Thermal_Panels_for_Walls.jpgUsing thermal panels for walls offers various benefits, including sound structural framing, improved insulation, and a vapor barrier. With these unique panels, R ratings improve because of the thermal efficiency. Overall these panels reduce utility costs, enhance wind resistance, and install easily and quickly. With superior strength characteristics and consistent quality, they have become popular among multiple industries.

When choosing a thermal panel system, you need to select a reputable company; that way, you have the assurance that the design will provide trouble-free assembly on the work site. While enjoying a stronger, quieter, and safe structure, you benefit from lower operational and maintenance costs.

Thermal steel wall panels are relatively lightweight, and, due to the design, they are easy to install while creating thermal and sound barriers. These walls also offer excellent flexibility, making it easier for contractors and building owners to achieve LEED credits, as well as green building standards.

The thermal efficiency and lower cost-per-R are two of the main reasons for choosing thermal panels for walls system: You save money initially and also in the long run. Along with the panels, which come in abroad range of sizes, you can select additional accessories and attachment details if you prefer. Ultimately, you can create a high-performance building envelope.

Along with almost unlimited panel lengths, you can also choose 2.5, 3, 4, and 5-inch thicknesses; therefore, you have a solution for achieving the highest possible R-values. Even for demanding project requirements, this panel system will surpass your expectations. In fact, you can choose from different exterior skins to make the work area more aesthetically pleasing.

For all types of applications and industries, including warehouses, pharmaceutical, cold storage, food processing and storage, and a host of others, the right thermal panels for walls will make a significant difference in operations and safety. While you can choose from a host of products, one of the best is DuraTherm with tongue-and-groove connectors.

For plenums and other thermal walls, these panels are ideal. On the inside of the steel-faced composite panels is a non-combustible high-density mineral fiber core. For interior air moving plenums and panel systems, DuraTherm is the top choice. Depending on your needs, you can install the panels vertically or horizontally. If you need to relocate them, you can take them apart and set them up again without needing steelwork performed.

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