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Why Do You Need Fire-Rated Panels in Commercial Buildings?

  • Date: March 16, 2020
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If you own or occupy a commercial building, there are certain rules and codes you must follow for fire safety. One of these rules is having fire separations, which could be fire-rated panels, in the building. Using DuraWall™ panels allows you to meet this requirement and makes your building safer for its occupants.

Noncombustible Construction

One reason to install fire-rated panels is that they do not catch on fire easily due to the materials they are constructed from. Metal and mineral wool insulation are noncombustible materials, unlike other common building materials, such as wood. In addition to being noncombustible, the mineral wool core of these panels also provides excellent insulation values and when installed on the exterior of your building will help to reduce your heating and cooling costs.


Each type of commercial building will have different fire-rated panel requirements. This includes the occupancy, intended use, and location. When it comes to the building’s location, you should consider the distance from nearby buildings and property lines.

You will need to have fire-resistant construction, possibly fire-rated panels such as DuraWall™, if your building is within five feet of another property or building. That way, you can prevent a potential fire from spreading from one building to the next. The intended use of your building may also refine the distance requirements. Finally, the type of your building’s construction plays a role. For example, if your building is primarily metal, it may not need as much protection as a wooden one.

The more distance you have between your commercial structures, the less fire protection you will need. This is because the fire is less likely to spread from building to building when there is a sufficient distance between them. Also, when there is a lower risk for combustion, your facility’s insurance rates may decrease.

Choose DuraWall™ Panels Today

Our company is proud to offer DuraWall™ panels. This product has a painted steel sheet on both panel faces, with a mineral wool core, making it noncombustible. The panel edges have a tongue and groove connection so they will easily fit together during installation. You can use them for fire separations that are non-load-bearing, with ratings up to 3 hours. The panels can also get LEED credits and are environmentally friendly.

Our company has a commitment to providing you with quality products. Each of our DuraWall™ Panels will help prevent a fire from spreading to different buildings, or different building areas, at your facility. We also have the experience necessary to help you choose the right types of products for your company. For more information on our fire-rated panels, contact DuraSystems today to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.