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Why Facilities Install Blast Enclosures

  • Date: May 26, 2021
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When it comes to protecting a business, owners have to factor in multiple things. One example has to do with preventing flames from spreading if a fire breaks out. In that case, it’s imperative to have a good fire suppression system. Another example involves containing or preventing an explosion from spreading. For this, a blast enclosure works perfectly.

What Is a Blast Resistant Enclosure?

You might think of an enclosure as a high-tech box designed with plugs, switches, controls, knobs, and various other electrical components. The main purpose of having blast resistant enclosures installed is to stop internal explosions from spreading through your facility, while allowing the venting of the blast pressure to the outdoors. If not controlled and vented, they can do significant property damage. Even worse, they can lead to loss of life.

Top Benefits

The following represent some of the key reasons that so many facilities choose to have a blast enclosure installed:

  • Multi-Industry

Blast-resistant enclosures benefit a broad range of industries. Any of them that deal in dangerous situations, such as working around flammable gases and high-pressure systems, should take advantage of what this kind of enclosure offers. A quality enclosure provides people with a safe working environment.

  • Multi-Protection

Not only does a blast-resistant enclosure help keep people safe, but it also serves as an extra layer of protection for machinery, equipment, and other company assets. With a dual purpose, an enclosure can either prevent or minimize destruction.

It also works to reduce financial loss. For instance, if an explosion occurs and people sustain injuries, the company is financially liable. Even with excellent insurance, the business owner ultimately has to handle medical bills, as well as any lawsuits that arise.

  • Bolstered Reputation

One of the best ways for companies to get ahead of their competition is to show they genuinely care about the business and the people who work there. Having a blast enclosure installed is an excellent way to accomplish that. Taking the necessary precautions and maintaining a great safety record could be all it takes for a prospect to choose one company over another.

  • Remain Compliant

The industries that deal with potentially dangerous materials and work practices must stay compliant with all current laws and regulations. For some companies, having a blast enclosure installed can help them meet those requirements.

  • Improved Morale and Productivity

There’s no question that when certain industries have a blast-resistant enclosure installed, it helps boost employee morale. Seeing proof that the owner wants to keep them safe, these individuals gain loyalty. So, not only does overall employee morale go up, but in response to that, production does as well.

DuraSystems is a leading manufacturer of products that bolster workplace safety. If you want to learn more about our state-of-the-art blast-resistant enclosures, give us a call.