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Why Fire Protection Is a Matter of Concern for Substation Transformers?

When it comes to substation fires, transformers filled with oil pose the greatest risk of fire. This is why utility providers need to have some type of transformer fire protection installed. For companies to provide their customers with uninterrupted power, they must have the right transformer fire wall in place.

Recently in California, the local electric company shut off the power that affected nearly one million people for 24 hours as a way of preventing wildfires. During that short window, one man died due to having no oxygen, and thousands experienced significant loss to their businesses from a financial perspective. Now imagine if a fire had erupted and destroyed a substation. Rather than for a couple days, those people would have been without power for much longer.

Not only is the appropriate transformer fire protection system necessary to provide customers with flawless service but also to adhere to specific codes. Companies that own and operate transformer substations must comply with all current laws and regulations. Otherwise, authorities could subject them to hefty fines or even worse measures.

A substation transformer fire can have a devastating impact on the economy if multiple transformers are damaged or destroyed. Most utilities are prepared for the loss of a single transformer, as transformers can fail for a number of reasons. If multiple transformers are lost in a fire, the lead time for multiple replacement units is measured in months and sometimes even years. The other thing that utility providers need to think about is their reputation. Although some customers don’t have a choice of which company they use, others do. Even with only one option, without the right transformer fire protection, any issue that arises could lead to multiple complaints and possibly a class-action lawsuit.

Customers depend on consistent and reliable service. They don’t spend time questioning how things work, but they just have to have an uninterrupted source of power. It is the responsibility of the utility providers to have transformer fire walls installed that provides optimal protection. Just imagine all the things a large substation transformer fire would affect.

Without electricity, gas pumps wouldn’t work, subways and trains couldn’t operate, and people could become stuck in elevators for hours. Ultimately, a fire that knocks out electricity would easily paralyze a portion of or an entire city. Along with impacting businesses, this would disrupt people’s lives.

Considering the transformer is the most vital piece of equipment at any substation, it’s imperative for providers to choose the right fire protection. The good news is that companies have many excellent options for a transformer fire protection system. These systems provide various types of protection at different durations.

As an example, there are fire barriers for small spaces. You can also choose a transformer fire wall that includes ballistic protection. There are even exterior acoustic and fire barriers available. The goal is to partner with a reputable company that has in-depth experience and knowledge of various systems to help guide you to the appropriate one.

We Provide Superior Systems for Transformer Fire Protection

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