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Why Is It Important to Do a Duct Test Before a Renovation?


grease_duct.jpgAs part of any residential or commercial renovation project, you need to make multiple decisions, all of which are essential. However, one thing considered critical that people tend to overlook is a duct test. Following a strict duct leakage test procedure, an expert can quantify the rate of leakage associated with a duct system.

Today, one of the most significant sources of energy loss comes from leaks in forced air duct systems. If you experience this problem, that means that you pay more to heat or cool your building. Also, because the leaked air rises and goes into attics and higher spaces, you would end up with some rooms that feel cold and others that are hotter. However, the greatest risk is of your HVAC system working overtime, which could cause it to fail or not operate correctly.

With professional help, a technician would use specialized duct leakage testing equipment. With this procedure, a calibrated fan pressurizes the duct system. From there, the expert measures the airflow going through that fan with the duct system. That makes it possible to quantify the leakage at test pressure.

For commercial kitchens, instead of waiting until a renovation project gets completed, which could make remedying any grease duct leakage more challenging, it is best to have a professional test your exhaust system beforehand. That way, the technician can gain easy access to the duct system, perform testing, and then repair any issues.

If it is time to update or expand your exhaust system, you can purchase a state-of-the-art exhaust duct system. It is imperative that you select the right type of exhaust duct since there are differences between the various types. If you have a restaurant with a commercial kitchen, then you need an exhaust duct specifically for that application, whereas, if you have a laboratory, then you need to choose an entirely different type of system.

You can even select an exhaust duct that provides two hours of fire resistance. No matter what your renovation entails, this is the perfect opportunity to have an expert go through and test your duct system for leakage. If the system fails any test, you should repair or purchase an appropriate exhaust duct for your application.

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