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Why You Should Always Buy a Listed Fire Rated Panel

  • Date: March 23, 2018
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fire rated panelISO certification for a fire rated panel manufacturer ensures the manufacturing process, management system, and documentation or service procedure meets all quality assurance and standardization requirements. In other words, when you purchase a fire rated panel from an ISO certified manufacturer, you have confidence that you’re getting the highest-quality product available. To achieve a listing for the fire rated panel, ISO certification is essential.

Overall, fire rated panel specifications provide peace of mind. Because the product is top quality, you will ultimately save money. The panel will work precisely as specified. For instance, if you purchase a listed fire panel with four-hour resistance, you know that you have four hours of fire protection.

Additional Reasons

There are other reasons for choosing a listed fire rated panel from an ISO certified manufacturer, as outlined below.

  • Improves internal efficiency
  • Reduces cost since any issues that arise get resolved permanently the first time
  • Enhances the customer and supplier relationship
  • Helps with marketing and advertising your business
  • Potentially reduces ongoing insurance and permit fees
  • Improves resource management, which in turn, better utilizes your time
  • Makes it easier to secure contracts with customers
  • Improves overall business operations

ISO Certification Principles

Regarding fire rated panel specifications, ISO certification has six core principles.

  1. You will receive documentation that includes a reference and version number.
  2. Certification helps with record control. With the two numbers mentioned, filing, finding, extracting, archiving, and destroying records becomes more efficient.
  3. ISO certification allows you to perform an extensive review of your management system so that you know at the end-of-year validation audit, everything is on track.
  4. With a certified panel, you have a procedure in place that prevents human error, thereby keeping your business in conformance. As a result, you will have fewer issues with suppliers and customer complaints.
  5. With ISO certification, you will also have a plan in place for preventing or handling any non-conformance problems.
  6. Finally, you can take the appropriate action to address and clarify possible risks to your company and operations.

At DuraSystems, we provide our customers with superior quality fire rated panels manufactured under our ISO 9001-2015 certification. Along with fire rated panels, we sell a host of products designed to protect your business and assets, including barriers, enclosures, ducts, and more. For information about our company and how we can help you, please visit us online or call today.